Valtex-Guma was founded in 2006 and specializes in the production of rubber products. Own production capacities allow to carry out and control all process of manufacturing of rubber products, to make rubber mixes both for own consumption, and for sale. The monthly output is 200 tons. The main advantages of the company "Valtex-Rubber" are the high quality of products at affordable prices, flexible pricing policy, constantly updated product range, individual approach and professional customer service.




 «Ukrlegprom» unites more than 250 light industry enterprises, the production of which accounts for more than 60 percent of the total production of light industry goods in Ukraine. Protects the interests of domestic enterprises at the state level in cooperation with the Cabinet of Ministers and the Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) of Ukraine. Protects the interests of participants before the State Fiscal, Customs, Labor and other services.

Participation of  VALTEX  LLC. in the Ukrlegprom Association - Minutes № 8 dated 22.12.2020р.




Production and commercial company "Komplekt" was founded and has been active in the market since June 1991. VKF "Komplekt" provides a comprehensive supply of enterprises and organizations from the widest range of goods from a warehouse in the city of Odessa. EVERYTHING that the company may need to organize a rhythmic, efficient and safe work process, labor protection, construction and repair work, farming - all this is in our competence. Thanks to many years of experience in the market of means of labor protection and complex supply of enterprises, a universal series of the most efficient functional models has been developed. These are high-quality overalls and special footwear of the European level at competitive prices. Optimal prices are the merit of our specialists, who, despite the difficult conditions of the industry, were able to optimize the logistics chain and reduce costs. We are constantly working on price optimization to achieve the best customer results.









     Kharkiv shoes Verona - shoes focused on the desires and needs of the buyer. We pay special attention to the quality of raw materials, convenience and appearance of our products. Verona has been developing steadily and expanding its market since 2006. Our products include more than 100 items, among which you will find rubber, silicone and EVA shoes: boots, galoshes, slippers, as well as other products from our partners. We offer our customers quality, durable and comfortable shoes for children and adults. Our boots and galoshes are full-sized, modern in appearance and low cost, they are excellent in operation. Kharkiv shoes Verona - rubber shoes, the manufacturers of which take care of their customers, among our products are men's, women's and children's boots, winter inflated shoes, slates, burkas and galoshes.






  VIVA-TRADE has been operating in the market of manufacturing and selling personal protective equipment for more than ten years. During this time we managed to establish direct deliveries from China and turn one small company in the city of Cherkasy into 10 modern developed companies operating throughout Ukraine. It has not only its own registered trademark TRIDENT and a wide range of products, but also dozens of grateful customers. And every hour of work is aimed at meeting the needs of the consumer in quality clothing and footwear, as well as a variety of respiratory protection, hearing, vision and face.




Hotel (30 comfortable rooms).

Conference room.Corporate rest. Organization and holding of paintball games.